Outside Project

Who We Are

We’re a Team that’s passionate about adventure.

We want to inspire others to go outside. We love the feeling of rain in our hair and the wind on our faces, and we think that so many other people do too; they may have just forgotten.

We want to see more people getting off their phones.

We want other people to experience all of the incredible beauty in the world around us.

Little adventures
Adventurous Woman Paddling on a Paddle Board in a peaceful lake.
Young woman traveler walking in the forest
Couple camping in mountains, New Zealand
Daily Adventures

What defines Adventure?

It doesn’t matter how many minutes you spend on an adventure, but taking the time to have at least one every day is important. It gets you out and about, thinking about something other than your day-to-day.

We define “adventure” fairly loosely. The concept is really as simple as getting out of the house and doing something that isn’t strictly work or a “necessary” activity. It generally involves trying something new—whether that’s a new food, a new road, a new trail, etc.

It doesn’t have to be dangerous, but a little hazard here or there certainly doesn’t hurt too badly.

The point isn’t that you have to hang glide off a cliff every day.

The point is to do something fun—something without a specific agenda, something that you’ll remember as something different.