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We’re all busy. But we could all use some more time enjoying nature and outdoor activities. Each day we publish a prompt to do something specific outside. Our nature activities help you take the first step out the door. It won’t take the full hour, but it’ll at least get you started. It’s up to you from there. Start your adventure today!



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We believe everyone should spend more time outside. It’s a simple thing to forget, but we’re here to make that easier. We provide exclusive daily prompts with fun outdoor activities to help you take advantage of your hour outside.

The goal of our activity prompts is to make you more mindful of the time you’re spending on nature and outdoor activities and enrich your daily activity.

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Enjoy exclusive daily nature and outdoor activities with our affordable monthly subscription, perfect for flexible adventurers.


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Unlock a year of enriched fun outdoor activities and experience with our yearly subscription; the best value for dedicated nature enthusiasts.

For Schools

Schools or school districts interested in enhancing their outdoor learning curriculum can contact us for tailored programs and special educational rates.

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Companies interested in improving employee culture can contact us for custom programs and corporate rates.
A Challenge for Everyone

365 Days Outside

Challenge your whole group to complete a year of daily nature and outdoor activities! Whether you’re trying to enhance your family’s health and well-being or boost employee culture on your team, our 365-day challenge is designed to offer friendly competition among friends or family and build health and fitness in the process. Get ready to lift your mood, use teamwork, and join in plenty of fun outdoor activities with Outside Project.

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A Place to Start

31 Days of Prompts

Change your attitude with simple nature activities that can be completed right outside your doorstep. To get you started, Outside Project offers 31 days of free, accessible prompts. Enrich your life, one day at a time. Our nature and outdoor activities are accessible across the globe. We also offer special rates and tailored projects for teams that need more specialized programs. Take us up on the challenge–try our prompts for 31 days today. Find great team-building activities outdoors and more!

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Embrace nature at its best with our daily reminders! Spark creativity, improve well-being, connect with real people, and enjoy simple, structured and fun outdoor activities. It’s never too early to get started and get outside!


Daily Inspiration

Receive new, easy-to-follow prompts every day.


Enhanced Well-Being

Nature and outdoor activities are proven to boost mental and physical health for people of all ages.


Community Connection

Fun outdoor activities offer opportunities to interact with others in a meaningful way.


Structured Outdoor Time

Daily planned activities make it easier to take advantage of time spent outside.


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