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Foster a positive workplace culture

In today’s increasingly digital workplace environment, employees are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. 

You can make a difference in your employee’s lives and their overall performance by offering them a program that will help them spend more time outside.  

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A Strategic Imperative

Improve Employee Well-Being

Outdoor breaks and exposure to natural environments have been proven to alleviate stress and enhance mood.

This can contribute to a more positive and resilient workforce. Implementing a program that encourages breaks and activities outdoors can significantly improve job satisfaction, reduce turnover rates, and foster a culture of well-being and support.

It’s not as simple as just making a company-wide announcement for employees to “spend more time outside.”

Having a structured program that provides access to daily outdoor activity prompts ensures that outside time becomes a habit. The variety keeps things fresh and exciting, while the consistency provides a sense of accountability.

It creates a framework that encourages participation and makes it easier for employees to commit to and prioritize their well-being. 

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