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Anyone. Everyone. We design our prompts to be suitable for people of all ages. Some of the prompts won’t be suitable for children under the age of 5 (most can be adapted to work), but there’s absolutely no upper limit.

We’ve found that it isn’t enough just to say, “Spend more time outside.” It’s simply too general of a statement that rarely, if ever, leads to a noticeable change.

We found that when you give people (ourselves included) something specific to do outside, they’ll end up significantly increasing the amount of time they spend outside, and they’ll enjoy it more.

We want to help people of all ages make spending time outside become a daily habit. We found that it’s much easier for them to do that when they’re not having to spend time figuring out what to do, failing to figure something out, deciding they’re bored and walking right back inside.

Yes! The first 31 days of prompts are available free of charge here: 31 Days of Outdoor Activities.

Many of our prompts require no additional materials. The ones that do utilize either found objects or simple things like pencils, paper, etc.