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woman in raincoat near lake in rainy day.

Defeat Rain – Outdoor Activities for a Cold, Gloomy Day

It’s easy to give up on spending time outside when it starts raining. It’s especially easy to decide you’d rather hide indoors if you’re several months into a long, wet winter. But there are actually many reasons and ways to take advantage of dreary weather and enjoy the outdoors—even if

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How to solve boredom the right way

Being bored can be frustrating. Feeling like there’s nothing to do, or nothing you want to do, can make it really tempting to get rid of this feeling by picking up an electronic device of one kind or another and start scrolling through a feed of photos or short videos.

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Do you need a digital Detox?

If you’ve heard the phrase “digital detox” and haven’t been sure of what it is or whether or not you need one, you’re in the right place.  A detox is a period of time when you abstain from toxic or unhealthy substances. A digital detox is basically a pre-determined period

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7 ways to reduce your screen time

While many of us know we probably should reduce our screen time, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Fortunately, there are several things you can do right now that will get you going.  1. FIGURE OUT YOUR GOAL FOR REDUCING YOUR SCREEN TIME.  Before you can

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