Outside Project

There Is No Reason Not To Start today. right now.

Here are the first 31 prompts to get you started.

Nature lover girl
They are getting in touch with nature
Exploring nature

Prompt #6

Find a natural body of water. This can be a spring, a river, a lake, an ocean, etc. It doesn’t have to be large. Listen to all of the different sounds it makes.

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Prompt #5

On a walk outside, collect as many (small) rocks of different colors as you can. Place these in a jar and label it with today’s date and any notes about your discoveries.

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Prompt #4

Jump rope. If you don’t have a jump rope, use any old rope. See how many jumps you can do without getting tangled up. Practice until you can do at least twenty. 

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Prompt #3

Go outside and find ten leaves of different shapes and sizes. Tape these leaves onto a piece of paper and write down one thing about each one of them.

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Prompt #2

Choose a patch of ground—sidewalk, grass, or something else—and look very closely at it. See how many living things you can spot.

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Prompt #1

Make a temporary art piece using things you find in nature—rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt, or anything else you come across. When you’re done, take a picture or draw a sketch of what you made. Then, return everything back to where you found it.

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