Outside Project

There Is No Reason Not To Start today. right now.

Here are the first 31 prompts to get you started.

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They are getting in touch with nature
Exploring nature

Prompt #18

Have somebody pick out different things–leaves, berries, dirt, etc., and hold them up to your nose. With your eyes closed, try to guess the color based on the scent. If you don’t have someone to do this with, collect some items on your own. Then, close your eyes, mix them up, and see if you can identify each thing using only your sense of smell.

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Prompt #17

Using your fingers, pens, or anything else, find various objects outside to tap on until you find one that sounds great. Make a little song using your newfound drum. 

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Prompt #16

Find a plant that is your height or shorter. Measure how tall it is (either precisely–with a tape measure or ruler–or with your body, for example: “up to my elbow”) and make a note. Try to remember to measure again next year and see how much it grew.

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Prompt #14

Write a message using natural things and leave it for somebody else to find. (An acceptable example is writing in dirt with a stick. An unacceptable example would be anything permanent or that damages your environment.)

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Prompt #13

Spot the sounds of 10 different animals. You can break this up to do it throughout the day, or you can do it all in one sitting. Examples of good animals to listen for include (but are not limited to) birds, dogs, crickets, cows, frogs, bees, mice, coyotes, wolves, and lions.

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Prompt #12

Take a (good) book outside with you. Find a shaded spot to sit (this can be on a log, the ground, a bench, or any other suitable seat). Read your book for a few minutes. If you want to keep reading, do so. If you don’t, feel free to explore.

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Prompt #11

Find various textures in the environment around you. You can find these by looking at things and then touching them to see what they feel like, or you can find somewhere to sit down and close your eyes and explore the ground around you using just your sense of touch.

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Prompt #10

Birdwatch. Use binoculars, a telescope, or just your eyes. Pay particular attention to different birds’ feathers and beaks. 

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Prompt #9

Go for a run with friends. Invite at least three people to go with you. Take at least two of them. (If more than one person says no, invite some more.)

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Prompt #8

Find as many different tire treads as you can and take a picture of each one. They can be bicycle tires, car tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires, trailer tires, or any other tires. Display your pictures together in some way. 

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Prompt #7

Take a walk you normally take but this time see if you can spot at least ten things you’ve never noticed before.

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