Outside Project

There Is No Reason Not To Start today. right now.

Here are the first 31 prompts to get you started.

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They are getting in touch with nature
Exploring nature

Prompt #31

In the environment around you, find something soft. It can’t be an animal, and it can’t be manmade. Explore leaves, grasses, ground cover, and anything else you can think of in order to find the softest thing. 

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Prompt #29

Find something small that you like–a rock, leaf, twig, bug, etc. Then create/find a much larger replica of it using any materials you can find. You could use many, many leaves to create one big leaf that looks like your little one; you could find big branches to place together to match the shape of your twig, etc.

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Prompt #28

Listen for the sounds of animals (like birds) and try to imitate them. See if you can convince any animals that you are also the same kind of animal.

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Prompt #27

Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up any trash you see. Try to find at least five pieces. If there is no trash to pick up, find any out-of-place sticks on your path and place them somewhere more fitting.

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Prompt #24

Go outside and look around. Imagine you have no tools. Look around yourself and see what might be of use to you. What’s the sharpest thing you can find? How about the roundest? Does it hold water? What could you use for shoes?

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Prompt #23

Walk out of your house and immediately start looking for plants. See how many different kinds you can spot. See how far you have to walk before you’ve found 20 different kinds.

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Prompt #22

Go for a bike/scooter/skateboard ride (a real one where you have to use your legs, not an electric or other-powered one).

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Prompt #21

Collect textures from the environment around you. Do this by covering the texture with a paper and shading it with a pencil. Try to get as many different textures as you can on one page.

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Prompt #20

Find the quietest place. If the creatures in your area are quite loud, you can simply try to find a place that’s quiet of manmade sounds. 

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Prompt #19

Locate a tree you’re interested in. With a paper and pencil, write down everything you notice about this tree. Spend as much time as you can doing this. Ideally, you’ll write down at least twenty-five things you notice about this tree.

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